New York's only Wisconsin Cheese Curds

We are two Midwesterners bringing fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds to New York, selling them weekly at local markets, festivals, and events around the city. You can always find our Events Schedule here on our website.

Our Story

You might be asking yourself what the heck a Cheese Curd is… Simply put, it's very fresh, unaged cheese.

Cheese Curds come from the first stage of the cheesemaking process when the solids in milk separate from the whey. Other cheeses are made by pressing Cheese Curds into a block or wheel, and then aging it. Cheese curds are a mild cheese with a full flavor profile of buttery, salty deliciousness and squeak when you eat them! Enjoy this cheese as a snack or finger food all on its own, or add it to any dishes that you'd add other cheeses to.

We started the idea of Wisco Fresh last year while we were home in Wisconsin visiting family. Having both grown up in the Midwest, we moved to New York City after finishing our college degrees to pursue our career fields - fashion and finance.  We quickly noticed that this city of all cities was missing a little something we so cherished back home – Cheese Curds! To our surprise, we found that Wisconsin is one of few places in the world to specialize and even make Cheese Curds, and we wanted to find a way to bring them to New York.

So it's that simple - we created Wisco Fresh to bring Wisconsin's best Cheese Curds to the people of New York. We pride ourselves in bringing you the freshest, most delicious, never frozen, and highest quality Curds straight from our favorite Wisconsin farmers and award-winning Master Cheesemakers. Our Curds are just days old, delightfully squeaky, and irresistibly delicious - the only way Wisconsinites take theirs.

-Alissa & Marc