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Cheese Curds are bite-sized morsels of fresh cheese that come from the first stage of the cheesemaking process when the solids in milk separate from the whey. This type of cheese is mild with a full flavor profile of buttery, salty deliciousness that is sure to make your mouth water. You may even notice they squeak when you eat them!

Whether you prefer our Classic Cheddar or one of our flavored varieties, our Cheese Curds always come to you fresh no more than 5 days after they've been made. Our Cheese Curds are never frozen. Wisco Fresh is teamed up with award-winning Master Cheesemakers and small, family-owned dairy farms all in Wisconsin in order to make this possible.

Watch out, it's hard not to eat the whole bag at once! Cheese Curds are great as a snack just by themselves but can also liven up many other recipes that you'd add other cheeses to. Try adding them to soups, salads, pastas, make some poutine, or fry them up in a pan all by themselves!

Enjoy our Cheese Curds for up to three weeks from when you received them. Store these delicious nuggets in the fridge, but enjoy at room temperature for optimal flavor and squeak!

Because of our dedication to providing our customers with the freshest Cheese Curds possible, we are proud to say that any product made more than 5 days ago is donated to the Food Bank For New York City to aid in feeding the 1.4 million people of NYC that rely on soup kitchens and food pantries for nutrition.